Community Feature Request: Highlight Ideas already voted on

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With more of the the new 'Ideas' discussion type it's getting harder to remember which ones I've voted on.

Would it be possible, @VioletChepil to have the ones you've voted on show the Count in either a different color (e.g. red) or in a lighter weight font? That way it makes it faster to see ideas that you've left untouched to see if it's something you care about.

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  • VioletChepil
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    Yes, I can ask the provider about this. I've also asked about ordering them by upvotes!
    So as to see the most upvoted ideas in the top.
    I'm still in the works of transitioning the Fingbox ideas over to this new system. Hopefully I'll be done by today. 
    This is however also similar to the liking feature on this platform. Its also difficult to see when you've liked something before refreshing the page. 

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