Unidentified Device on Network

I am recently new to using Fing but have been looking through the devices on my network and can account for them all except one. It is a Apple Mac Pro (no one in my household has an Apple Mac hence why it is a bit suspicious). Also when I click to see more information on the item it shows the Operating System as being Android Oreo which seems even stranger given it is an Apple Mac.
Just wondering if anyone might know what could cause this and also if there is anyway within Fing to block a device from connecting to the network.

Many thanks


  • Sarabjit_Sidhu
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    You have to manually try by switching off ur devices one by one and see which one showing in unidentified device.Sometimes we have to manually update device information in fing.

  • Scooby
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    To answer your second question, "also if there is anyway within Fing to block a device from connecting to the network.", the Fing app, alone, doesn't have that capability. You'd need a Fingbox, to block devices from connecting to your network, or, it might be possible your wifi router may have that ability, too.
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    I actually had the same problem and the answer is your router you have to log in and write down the mac address and you can block that specific mac address and problem fixed