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Has anyone heard if Fing may port the FING app to the Linux based Terra Master OS?


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    In the past Fing did not seem to have an appetite to port their offerings to anything other then iOS, iPadOS, Android, Windows and macOS.  The market for other desktop and mobile OS’s were not big enough for them to direct resources.  Now that they are part of a larger company, maybe that can change.  

    You can make a request for them to consider this at this link.  https://community.fing.com/categories/fing-desktop-ideas-suggestions

    Make sure you upvote it once you create the idea.
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    Just like so many other companies. Android is the bomb, based on Linux, but can't take 5 minutes to port an app to a full Linux desktop version. There are apps out there designed to take an app from on Linux distro to another.