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When I restart my computer, Fing starts up each time.  I go into users and groups and login items to remove it, but any time Fing is reopened, it re-adds itself.  I can't seem to find anywhere in any settings how to disable this.  Any ideas?

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    @BobF18,  By default Fing runs at startup.  If you click on the version on the bottom left, then preference, you will be able to stop the behavior.

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    That's great!  I could not find the preferences.  Thank you!!!
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    It seems that, the last couple times I ran the Fing auto-update, it re-enables the "launch at boot" option – that is, re-adds itself to the "Login Items" list.
    I think this is more than an annoyance and is a teeny bit on the side of "taking liberties with my computer".
    I understand that many users rely on notifications but also many of us have other ways to manage our systems.
    My suggestion is that upon update, a dialog should be presented to the user asking them to choose status for "launch at boot" either to keep it enabled (if it already is) or turn it on (if it isn't). Or to keep it off (since we've presumably had to do that by hand).
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