Internet Provider Changes?

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Im very new at network/security. Let’s just say I’m going to need to study up and pay attention to you all. But sometimes I see something on my end and I feel it needs attention ASAP and that when I need to call on you all. I hope you don’t mind.

I have lots of questions regarding the device list when I scan my network. The generic list seems to be out of control. But what stands out the most to me right now is my Internet Provider (isn’t that also called ISP?) changing according to Fing App. I use Spectrum but it changes to Amazon, Server Mania, to name a few. Is that normal? Could it be because I use a VPN?

I appreciate your time and you will for sure see me back gathering your knowledge.

oh and I did get a Fing box. Just figured I should learn the basics 1st.



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    Thanks for the post @Eruke
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    Hi @Eruke using VPN can and almost certainly does “appear to change your ISP.” It’s a fairly complex process, by design, but what is (probably) happening is when connecting to your VPN service you appear, in the internet, to originate from servers having IP addresses specific to that VPN provider (or their service providers). The VPN service will certainly use network capacity (& Addresses) from other providers to give service to their end users. My guess is that the Fing IP address translation identifies the IP address (from VPN end) and presents you with the Name of the registered holder of that IP address range.
    The developers of Fing would be the ones to comment as they would have access to the IP address translation tables, the above is likely to be why the ISP appears to change.
    Someone else may be able to suggest alternative possibilities.

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    Thank you for that response @Pixel! I figured that was the case. I just started using the VPN, and it sure messes with things that relies on using my location. I have to turn it off often to log on to sites like my cable provider.