Fingbox STILL not refreshing

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Over the last few days I noticed that my fingbox is hardly ever showing "real time" list of devices. At best it is "30 minutes ago", most of the time is "1 hour ago". By the looks of it, it could well be that it does actually refresh regularly, it just releases the information one hour later.  But the updated "just now" which used to be the norm, I have not seen for a while/ As it is, without what was, essentially, live information on my network, it has become a useless piece of technological junk giving me information which is already out of date by the time I get it. Yes, it may, very occasionally be useful to know who was connected 1 hours ago, but it is not a particularly useful monitoring tool if you want to check what the issue might be "now".

It is a question that has come up, in one form or another, multiple times in multiple forums but, as of yet, there seem to be no clear explanation at to why a piece of equipment which up until last week provided live/up to date information, suddenly stops and no longer refreshes as it previously had done for years or otherwise delays the release of information by an hour.

So, please, do not come back with the stock answers I have seen copied and repeated over and over again, telling me the normal refresh rate for fingbox is 5-20 minutes depending on the size of the network (which, of course, is difficult to reconcile with settings which can set at 60s the interval to declare a device offline, and which have always been quite reliable down to the minute in the past, but that is an irrelevance), or asking me to change the maximum size/number of devices on the network, which I have tried to no avail. There are no more and no fewer devices connected to the network (around 80 in total, mostly IoT devices, with 6 computers,  5-7 smartphones spread across 4 access points able to handle between 250 and 500 clients each, in theory). The connection is Ipv4, not IPv6 but, more importantly, nothing has changed within the network from last week, when fingbox refreshed in real time. 

I have tried all the obvious steps including powercycling and resetting fingbox, powercycling the router, the NAS, uninstalling and reinstalling the app on my smartphone, using different smartphones, connecting fingbox to a different LAN port on the router and I even tried a different router and a different internet connection altogether. I have tried changing virtually every one of the settings for Fingbox found on the app. Nothing made any difference. Fingbox will just no longer provide live information on devices connected to the network. 

Any suggestions as to the possible cause or solution?