Unable to pause iPad internet access

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Hi all,

Attempted to pause internet access to an iPad but realised shortly after that it was still connected. By the looks of it, it found a second IP connection and still had internet access.

I'm only running 1 router, no extenders.

iPad only has access to 2.4Ghz but not 5Ghz.

Was able to replicate by pausing access for 30min and then attempting multiple links on iPad. Eventually a page loaded up and was able to continue surfing........

Need help to deny access to internet for this device at certain times.

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    In pictures #2 and #3, under "IPV6 Address", for "IP Address", it mentions "2 Addresses". Is IPV6 enabled on your iPad, and, more importantly, on your network (via your router)? If so, that could be why Internet "pause" may not be working. Per Fing:

    "Does the Fingbox Internet Pause feature work with IPv6?

    No, sadly this feature is currently only available for devices communicating on IPv4. Like other similar products on the market, we are yet to find a way to pause Internet on IPv6, but we are doing ongoing work on changing this."

    ref: https://help.fing.com/knowledge-base/internet-pause/

    It may be possible to disable IPV6 on your router. If you are able to disable it, reboot your router, afterwards, and try the Internet "pause" again.


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    Cheers @Scooby, IPV6 was enabled through the router which I have since changed back to IPV4.

    Haven't got access to the iPad at the momemt but as soon as I do, I shall try again.

    Thanks again 🍻