Network outage "current" seems always "none"

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While the picture of the past network failures reports meaningful "red" areas, the "current" picture shows always the world without any outage.

Is it possible or there is some problem?


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    Most probably Fing uses a service to display the outage map. Most of the companies supplying this service offer different levels of monitoring, one of these levels is update frequency. Of course higher frequency is more expensive. So between the refresh frequency of the provider and the Fing one, is perfectly possible that some of the outages are never reported. And there is also different ways to detect an outage and different definitions of what is an outage.
    Check this if you want a pretty dynamic one  :) enjoy!
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    Hi @Zagor21

    ISP Disconnection rate and Outage detection

    Fing leverages a fleet of probing devices distributed worldwide, periodically sending heartbeats: disconnections are processed by real-time streaming analytics with machine learning based trending and outlier detection, i.e. self-learning thresholds to automatically detect and report outages at the ISP level or at carrier/power level.

    Detailed description of Fing's real-time outage detection, with a live list of active probes, is available in related help article here.

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