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I'm running fing on my iphone and I am often finding that there is an "generic device" connected to my network. The only other devices that I find when I scan are my router and my iphone. I know for a fact that there aren't any other devices that I own that might be connecting to the internet (no cameras, TV devices, stereos, etc). The generic device also does not show a MAC address (so I can't search to find what sort of device / manufacturer it is).

I live in an apartment building. Could this generic device be a neighbor that's somehow accessing my network?


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    If it does not show a MAC address, its doubtful that its a random neighbor.  You iPhone supports MAC address virtualization which may be the cause of this.  I assume you checked your router and you don’t see anything else on the network device list?
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    This is happeni g to me as well. However it comes up about 75 times. No mac address and I also use an iphone.
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