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I'm running fing on my iphone and I am often finding that there is an "generic device" connected to my network. The only other devices that I find when I scan are my router and my iphone. I know for a fact that there aren't any other devices that I own that might be connecting to the internet (no cameras, TV devices, stereos, etc). The generic device also does not show a MAC address (so I can't search to find what sort of device / manufacturer it is).

I live in an apartment building. Could this generic device be a neighbor that's somehow accessing my network?


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    If it does not show a MAC address, its doubtful that its a random neighbor.  You iPhone supports MAC address virtualization which may be the cause of this.  I assume you checked your router and you don’t see anything else on the network device list?
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    This is happeni g to me as well. However it comes up about 75 times. No mac address and I also use an iphone.
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    using iPhone here as well. I’m also changing password to WiFi and finding the generic device on my list immediately as if the device knew the password already. What I’m thinking’s is since new iOS update the MAC address is no longer available so the ding app is addressing it as a generic device along with my iPhone. Any input would help a lot.