Office Break In - Sniffing Logs

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Our office was broken into over the weekend, I thought our Fingbox kept a sniffing log of all the devices that the network could see, however I'm unsure where to find that information. The only log I can find shows the activity of devices which can connect to the network. The police believe it might have been the office cleaning staff, which, in theory we would be able to know if the devices the network saw on 10/17 @ 4 am, were seen by the network before. 
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    What you're referring to is the digital fence. It's under the Fing app, people, fence.

    However, I'll let you know what you're looking to do is not going to be easy. Unless you've already recorded the MAC address of everyone's device then you'll have no way to correlate what's in your logs to an employee.

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    Thank you very much for the response, that is what I was looking for. My theory is that if there was a mac address seen by the network around the time of the burglary, we can see if that device had ever been noticed by the fingbox before. If so, we can cross reference those times with work schedules and see if there are any matches.  Regardless, thank you again for your help.