Device scan when phone/tablet connected by cable.

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Why I cannot do a device scan with the app, when I'm connected by UTP cable instead of wifi? When I use a cable the app says I'm not connected. It shouldn't make a difference, I'm still connected with the network..

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    Hi @thomas8787

    Fing app can only scan that network on which the Fing App is installed. If your device is connected to wifi then it will run the scan and look for devices connected to that network. If you are using mobile data or a dongle then it can scan only that network and look for devices connected to that network. Also, if your devices are connected via wired connection, then Fing App will not be able to detect the device but the router/modem it is connected to will show multiple IP addresses in Fing App. That means, the router/modem has reserved some IP addresses for some specific usage and that usage can be for ethernet connected devices.  

    If your phone is connected with ethernet(Wired) connection, Fing might not be able to work. 

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    Nevermind - I had misread your question.