Why do you people think it’s normal to have a second network that’s a cloned version of the original

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Fing has added my hacker to my network and declared it safe. Wonderful! You don’t find it odd that only halfway through tracer route, it’s already at 21 hops? Or that the 2nd network is using a lan address for all it’s info is it’s wan, dns, access point, etc.) , or that I’m now connected to the access point “null”? Your app said I can delete a network but this is false. Would you care to tell me what I should do now that you’ve undone any chance of keeping this person out???



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    Any screen capture? I really don't understand your concern. What hacker? What route are you tracing? What second network? 🙄
    Fing is a tool not a miracle, it can't fix everything automatically.
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