Different devices between "scan" and "fing" within the same network (!)

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Everytime I hit "scan for devices" the fingapp will ask me "an active Fingbox has been detected on this network. Do you want to display the finbox network or continue with network scan?"
If I hit "Continue scan" it will show me 16 active devices found.
If I hit "Show fingbox network" it will show me 14 devices (!)
* Anyone know why the scan can detect more than the actual fingbox?
* Any way to disable this annoying question everytime and just force the app to use the Fingbox at all times?
I have installed the finbox through the "add fingbox" in the account tab.

Thank you!


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    @Luisreg, to make a network default, from the Home Screen of the mobile app, scroll down to the middle section that displays your network name or SSID, then choose all networks.  Once there, you will see a list of all networks visited from the app.  To make a network default swipe left on the network you want to, then choose the home icon.  You can also delete networks using this method but this time clicking on the trash can icon.
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