How to fix DNS resolution not working? I can get this message many times a day.

I'm having issues with my router and get booted offline many times a day. I've used two different routes and get the same message.


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    This is a pretty vague description of your issue. The DNS diag tool is called nslookup in both Linux and Microsoft but you need to be pretty knowledgeable about DNS. To do it in a more simple way:
    1) Assuming you know how to do it first, check the DNS IP address of your computers. On a home network it is generally assigned automatically by DHCP as the router IP address (in the unlikely case the DNS servers on your computers does not match the ip address your routers, let's talk again). Example below.
    2) change them: Configure fixed DNS servers in your computer. You can try and/or, the Google public available DNS servers. If this fix your problem check inside your routers for the DNS servers IP addresses normally given by your ISP, and check if these addresses are your ISP valid DNS addresses, normally you can find this on your ISP FAQ. Some routers firmware have flaws allowing hacker to hijack the DNS.
    3) If these addresses are correct configure fix DNS IPS address at the routers level and remove the fix IP address in your computers. If this fix the issue check with your ISP.
    4) If it is still not working we are entering in a twilight zone. 

    A DNS configuration on a router should look like this

    Under Windows this is how you will force fix DNS addresses

    If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
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    Thank you for your answer. The description is all I get from the Fing App online version 2.2.2 . Yesterday I did a factory reset on my AmpliFi HD, mesh points and extra AmpliFi router. So far, all is well and no DNS resolution not working notification. 
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