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I have had 3 devices added to a person under the People tab in the app for a long time, now I need to change one of those devices to another but I can't make it work.
Before it was possible to add a device to a person under the settings for each device. That is not possible anymore what I can find.
And if I go in on the person and click Edit so that I get the list of devices to choose from I can only see 25 devices in the list, after that the list stops. There is no way to sort or filter the device list so I can only see the same 25 every time and the device that I have to change too is not visible.
If I create a new person I still only see the same 25 devices to choose from.

Is there any other way to add a specific device to a person or am I doing something wrong?

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    Hi @Henrik , What type of device are you trying to add?  Some devices cannot be added to a person.

    Device below cannot be added... (quoted from another post)

    "Here is the list of items which cant be added to users (Some users report you can bypass this by changing the device type to something like a phone, add it then put it back).  You can't remove it though till you do the same thing again.

    1. alarm 
    2. bell 
    3. cleaner 
    4. domotz_box 
    5. fingbox 
    6. fridge 
    7. garage 
    8. heating 
    9. humidity 
    10. key_lock 
    11. light 
    12. modem 
    13. motion_detector 
    14. power_system 
    15. sensor 
    16. smart_home 
    17. smart_meter 
    18. smart_plug 
    19. smoke 
    20. solar_panel 
    21. sprinkler 
    22. surveillance_camera 
    23. thermostat "
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