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Greetings! I’m a newbie & not a techie. Apologies if I get this question format wrong! So, I ran my first scan. Two questions. 1) on my desktop there is one open port - 808 ccproxy-http/Gopher/FTP. Apparently this is a security issue, and the internet wants me to reconfigure my proxy so it refuses gopher requests. Can anyone tell me how to do that? 2) there is an unknown generic device, which, according to the MAC is CyberTAN Tech. Can anyone tell me who that is? Thanks!


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    Hi @Palsalot 1. you will need to close the port in your firewall which will be found in to your Router, Computer or a software firewall. Check your router first as thats the most likely location for a firewall. The user manual should describe the process. (Read answer 2 before you make any changes).
    2. CyberTAN is a technology hardware manufacturer, they manufacture routers, network switches and a multitude of other items. It may be that you have a network switch or router (possibly CyberTAN origin) which requires the use of port 808 though these days that is unlikely. I would recommend checking your network devices with the aim of closing port 808 as soon as possible to remove this security risk.