Flashing Lights - Useless?

Badger1874 Member Posts: 1

Hi. What am I missing?

so the lights on the Fing box flash blue to say there is a notification. When I go into the Fing box app and go to notifications it will show several devices with guessed names and types. Faced with a notification that says ‘Apple - Accept’ what do I did? I guess I’m trying to point out the notifications are useless and almost pointless. If something has joined my network I need to know it’s IP and MAC address so I can investigate.

Attached is all I see. Please tell me there is a way to get full information on an alert. And no, there are no new iPhones or watches or any other new devices added to my network by me or anyone else in my house. At least the middle alert has an IP address I can look into, but what about the rest?