Can someone please help me as I don't know how to work this as not tech minded need help ASAP please

I downloaded the app fing, on my android phone to see who was on my Wi-Fi. I don't know what ive done but I can't get my WiFi on my television, its wireless connection but saying " no network functions can be used as there is a problem with you're network connection or setup.. Ether net cable is not connected correctly. I don't use an ethernet as it connects wireless to TV. I can't get quick set up or anything and it's really upsetting me as I've got ms, and rely on my television. I don't know anything about this sort of thing. I've touched something on my phone on the app to cause this. Please help, thank you for you're time

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    Looks like the same as my Samsung set up and it always says that I’m not connected to the network too.... thp I can access my smart apps, Netflix, fire TV etc.

    I think if you turn it off and back on again just make sure you’re on the right HDMI (SOURCE from trmote) you’ll be fine because FING doesn’t change any of that. Also if it’s a Samsung you can call them & they call you back & share yr screen with u. Same with all TVs -just going to Internet to find the phone number if you can’t find it on the TV under Support settings

    Don’t worry does Sanders not have the ability to change your settings on your TV. It’s a tool to let you know what showing up on your network from your router, streaming boxes, phones, your Alexa device etc.

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    Hey @Jackieb.  Yep, same looking screen I have on my brand new TU8000 Sammy tv, and I have the same issue after a power outage.  I have to reconnect the tv to my wifi to get it to reconnect.  But as @Pixel said, if you have a Fingbox, is the device blocked?  If not then I don't think it's a Fing issue but a Sammy issue.
    As for your Firestick, I'm leaning toward either a network issue or, if you have a Fingbox, the device is blocked.
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    Thanks everyone, I don't have a fing box, I removed firestick and unplugged everything, I'm now up and running again. So thank you all for taking time out to answer my question, very much appreciated. Thank you.


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    Thank you bec, I can't get my fire stick connected even tried it on my other TV and still not working.

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    Any further advice @kltaylor @Marc @Pixel @Lee_Bo

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    hi @Jackieb have you looked at the device in fing to check if it’s blocked (i’m assuming you have a Fingbox). If you only have the app (& no fingbox) then your issue is not likely to be anything to do with Fing. In this, latter, case i would recommend checking your firewall to make sure the TV isn’t blocked there. Has something changed on your TV recently, was the TV previously working when trying to use TV web access? 
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