I used the scan wifi tool and it says i have a network 5.6meters away i have a creepy neighbor is this possibleP


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    Thanks for post @Maddogmiller
    Any advice @kltaylor @Marc @Lee_Bo @Pixel

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    hi @Maddogmiller it is quite possible to have a network close by in an urban area, i cant comment or establish if it’s a “creepy neighbour” though. In the first instance, as long as your wifi access has a good (& long) password your network should be secure, if you aren’t sure then change your password. There is lots of information on google on what a secure password is.
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    5.6 meters is only 18.3 feet.  You could be picking up a neighbors device/network.
    If you're on a mobile device, GPS could be off making it appear closer than it really is.