When I’m in home network my phone turns into a web server with 12,000 open ports and is uploading an

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My phone turns into a web browser when I’m connected to home network. 20 G’s are sometimes uploading and downloading in a matter of hours! When I try to find what’s been downloaded there’s nothing in my files. When I do a live search for my network it’s across town at some house sometimes. What’s going on?



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    I have the same thing happen to me. Can’t figure it I out.

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    Sounds like an omg cable. Google o.mg malicious cable for more info

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    Sounds like maybe you have something installed on your phone that's causing the issue?  Fing isn't going to give you the ability to trace all that so I'd recommend doing a factory wipe of your device and start from scratch.
    Also, if you have a fingbox, enable "auto block new devices" just in case.
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    Thank you. I have ip scan which is very accurate.?big household and about 10-15 devices on network. I’ll try it.

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    Looks like a unlimited Torrent traffic. Have you installed any movie download App? How do you know about the Web server and the ports?
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    What’s torrent traffic? I just found a torrent file inability laptop I haven’t used since 2013. But others were using it.servermania is showing as my network provider which I have Verizon so what’s up with that ??? I’m saying goodbye to Verizon very soon.

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