Why does FingBox get "confused" by WiFi repeaters

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From May 1. to August 20. I have received some 13 e-mail warnings regarding a possible Man-In-The-Middle attack. 

Then I received over 200 warnings in a couple of weeks (for several consecutive days there were 25-45/day).

There is no obvious reason for this enormous increase.
Further, there has been no attack attempts at all.

The alerts are "Network Security Alert. Network gateway changed to <device> <mac address>".

The issue seems to be related to my network config. 

I have one (1) network gateway.
An Asus RT-AC1900 hardwired to the internet (fiber) and to the FingBox. Moreover I have an Asus RT-N12 configured as a WiFi repeater and a WiFi extender, Asus RP-AC53, to extend my coverage (and an AirportExpress that does not seem to be involved).

There are several odd things about my alerts 

1. On top of the fact that there suddenly are far too many Man-In-The-Middle alerts (from a couple a week to well over 30/day).

2. Often I am alerted that the <device> <mac> has "changed" to the same <device> <mac> as it was before.

3. Often the <device> seems to be a randomly chosen <device> on my network and not related to the <mac> reported (e.g. a camera, a doorbell, a smart plug). 
(It seems that the mac reported is almost always the N12 or the AC53.)

The Fing support tells me that the problem is "Using another router as a repeater instead of range extenders is creating a separate network gateway and thus Fing is getting confused."

However, when I search for "Repeater" on the support page I get no such info.

4. I wonder, is there anything that I can do to get rid of these false alerts (short of replacing my repeater with an extender). Is the issue specifically with the Asus N12 setup, or software?

5. If a repeater is an absolute no-no on a fing network, why doesn't Fing inform about it in their sales material and on the support page. 

6. Does anybody have an explanation as to why a FingBox that is hardwired to the gateway, which is hardwired to the internet, "gets confused" by WiFi Repeters (or Extenders?) on the WiFi network.


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    Hi @Erik77
    If you are using Repeaters instead of extenders then repeater may create separate network gateway than main router and thus routing traffic and thus creating alert on Fingbox.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    I just received the following marketing info from "Arianna at Fing".
    - At the same time, WiFi repeaters are more easy to install and work with, yet their performance can vary depending on the location you choose. 
    Not a word about the Fing box getting "confused" by repeaters.
    In the last day I have received 48 warnings about a possible "man-in-the-middle" attack.
    In all messages the warning states that my router has changed to one and the same mac Address, my own router.
    "Confused" is too mild a word, I would say.