Red LED on Fingbox

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    Hi ,

    I have encountered same issue as okneib.

    Could anyone assist?

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    Hi @tinkeras01
    I have split the conversation to new thread to address this. Can you follow the steps below and see if anything changes.

    Check List:

    1. Try a an alternative ethernet cable (CAT 6) - to identify if the issue may be with the ethernet cable (to note: if you have a CAT 7 this should also work, however, CAT 7 cables can be expensive so please do not purchase one solely for this purpose)

    2. Try an alternative 5V power core cable - to identify if the issue may be with the power cable

    3. Power source: Is the Fingbox plugged into a power strip/extender or directly in the wall? Some users have reported issues whereby the power extenders was causing issues supplying enough power for the Fingbox (perhaps an issue with the power extender). Please plug the power cable directly into the wall to test.

    4. Is the Fingbox connected directly to the router? If it is not connected to the router where is it connected?

    5. Ports: Are all ports required for Fingbox to work open or if UPNP is enabled?

    Ports required:

    • 80 (Internet Speed Test)

    • 443 (Fing Service and Software Updates)

    • 3001, 3002, 3003 (Internet Speed Test)

    • 4443 (Fing Service)

    • 5671 (Fing Diagnostics)
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