Is there a way to update the firmware on mycloud mirror without accessing the dashboard.

I have a WDMYCLOUD Mirror which keeps dropping from my network.  INTERMITTENT CONNECTION!! CAN'T ACCESS THE DASHBOARD. PLEASE HELP!!!


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    Unfortunately, I do not have a WD My Cloud Mirror, or even a NAS, for that matter, but, according to this, you can connect your My Cloud Mirror directly to a PC/laptop, using an ethernet cable: As the video states, you will need to configure a static IP for both the My Cloud Mirror, and PC/laptop. As you may see in the video, it appears you can access your My Cloud Mirror, via "wdmycloudmirror.local", once plugged into ethernet, and access the "Settings", from there. To set a static IP for a Windows device, you can find numerous articles on the 'Net. Here is one: For a MAC, here is another:  Before doing this, recommend you download the My Cloud Mirror firmware file, from WD, first. Then, try to access the My Cloud Mirror directly. And, why would I recommend this? To the point, if you can access the My Cloud Mirror directly, then you will not have "intermittent" network connectivity, should be able to access the My Cloud Mirror dashboard, and update the firmware. Only other advise I can give, is to post your question on the WD Community site: Good luck, and hope this helps.