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Maxem is a device which continuously protected against grid overload by controlling your charging stations.
It is not recognized by FING. Could it be added to the list/database?

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    @Mharda,  if you're in the mobile app, click on the device that's not being recognized.  You will see a thumbs up or thumbs down icon.  Click the thumbs down and enter the device manufacturer model etc that its supposed to be.  You might need to do it twice but on the second failure it should ask you if you want to make a request to add it to Fingapedia.  Do it...  Thats one of the ways Fing gets notified that a device is not in their database and they can action on it.

    I have a hand built gaming PC with an Asus motherboard that Fing did not have in its DB.  It took about a month or so but I did get an email that they added it. 

    Thats Daphnee, she's a good dog...


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    I think Maxem would have to get in line behind Amazon, Google, Apple, etc.
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