Wake my sleeping Mac over WiFi, from my iPhone.

I'm trying to know how to wake my sleeping Mac over WiFi, from my iPhone.
I've also installed the Fing apps on my both devices, just in case.
Does Fing have this capability at all?
I was initially searching for waking my sleeping mac on google and came across a link which said it's possible with Fing, as it's a Wake On Lan application.
I don't use wired Ethernet LAN.
Does's Wake on LAN also apply to Wake on WiFi? or its just 2 different things?


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    Hi @Gautam welcome to the community and thanks for asking your question.
    For information on how Fing Desktop can assist with WOL (Wake On LAN) please visit the following URL.
    WOL is a term that can be systematically used between LAN and WiFi technically.  LAN is Local Area Network, which can mean both Ethernet connected and Wireless connected devices.
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    Thanks for your email @kltaylor!
    I'm going through the article and I tried the steps in '1. Reaching devices in the local network' section and it's still not solving the problem.
    After entering the my Mac's WiFI network related MAC address in the Fing app on my iPhone, the app lets me know that it's sent the Wake On Lan signal to my Mac, but it doesn't wake up my Mac.
    Both devices are on the same 5 GHz WiFi network in my home. 
    My Mac's default Firewall is on. The one which comes with macOS. Not using any 3rd party firewall.
    I think that should not be an issue.
    Can you please let me know if this will work with Fing or not? 
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    Have you setup your Mac, according to the following:

    I saw another article that mentioned Macs made after 2012, should have the "Wake for Wi-Fi network access", while those make in 2012, and earlier, may not have the ability.

    Both "Wake on LAN", and "Wake on WiFi" are dependent on the device's hardware. If your hardware can support it, it should work. If not, usually, it will not work.

    Fing, like many other "Wake on LAN" apps, is able to send the "magic packet" to the computer (Windows or Mac). The Fing app makes it easier, in that you can tap on the device (in the Fing app), and, then, tap on the "Wake on LAN" function. Other apps require you to enter either the device's IP Address, or MAC Address, or both. However, the Fing app, like other WOL apps, cannot make "Wake on LAN" work on your device, especially, if your hardware is not WOL capable. Hopefully, that makes sense.
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    Hello @Scooby,
    Thanks for your reply!
    I'm using a 2016 MacBook Pro and and it's hardware supports the Wake On WiFi feature as per the screenshot below / attached. 

    I did come across that article you've shared, but as it describes the process with another app, so I had kept it for pending, as I wanted to first check whether the Fing apps can actually work. 
    Still, as I've explained in my previous reply in this post above to @kltaylor, the problem is still not solved.
    When using the 'Wake On LAN' function on the Fing app on my iPhone to send that 'magic packet' or Wake On LAN' signal, then it shows me a notification at the bottom of the screen (on my phone) that the signal was sent, but it doesn't wake my sleeping Mac.

    Please read my previous post. 
    Does  the Fing app on iPhone even actually work?