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Brand new Fingbox - connected on Ethernet and powered on - only white light at the top, even though I've left it on all day long. Have just disconnected and reconnected but no improvement. Can you help?
MAC: F0:23:B9:ED:A5:71
Many thanx!
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  • kltaylor
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    Hi @pakimannie thanks for asking your question.
    Can you tell me if your Fingbox is directly connected to the modem/router or not?  Where exactly is it plugged into?
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  • pakimannie
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    Hi @kltaylor:

    It is connected to a switch which is on the same network as all my other home devices.

    I run a slightly atypical network setup. My Internet Service Provider tends to switch out the broadband router every so often, so I have a separate mesh network (with a different subnet) downstream, which means that I do not need to make any changes on my network devices (I have close to 40 IOT devices - smart home...).

    WAN Router (WAN IP on the WAN interface/192.168.1.x on the LAN interface - WiFi is deactivated)
    Linksys Velop Mesh (192.168.1.x on the WAN interface/192.168.111.x on the LAN/WiFi interface)
    3x Linksys unmanaged switches on the Velop LAN interface(s) (192.168.111.x subnet)
    Fingbox is hanging off one of the Linksys switches; plenty of other devices on the same switch as well, operating without a problem
    I also run a Mac Mini off another of the switches, from where I'm sending this note. I run Fing Desktop on the same and it runs perfectly fine from there.

    Hope this helps. Appreciate your support.
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    Hi @pakimannie
    I have sent you a private message to address your query. Please reply to my message directly. Thanks @kltaylor for support.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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