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Is anyone having the following issues with the FING android app?

1. The Internet Provider - Retrieval of provider information takes forever! In my case my provider Rogers.
Have to wait greater than 15 minutes to get access to speed test, that is if it ever responds!

2. Test Speed now - The mLAB speed test cycles between 3 locations from my area (Toronto, Montreal, Washington).
Only the Washington site is successful in providing the speed test.  Both Toronto and Montreal fail during the upload with the message that "test aborted".  This also occurs during the Fing Desktop speed test.

Does anyone have an insight into these app issues?


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    Hi @Zip_ca thanks for asking your question and providing screenshots.
    My first question is if this happens in other networks, like a public WiFi in a coffee shop or similar situation?  Also, does the same thing happen on a second wireless device in your network?  Does your mobile device act slow on other tasks or is it just with Fing?
    Another thing to consider is the presence of an application that resides between your mobile device and the internet, like an Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware app that has to inspect the traffic request and validate it as legit?
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