Will Fingbox identify devices if used with iOS App

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Considering the issue with the lack of device identification when using just the iOS app. If I purchase a fingbox device will this identify items correctly ?


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    Hi @Altered5tate welcome to the community and thanks for asking your question.
    While you may have a different experience with the Fingbox device itself, it and the app are two separate entities.  However, they should still pull from the same database, so the result 'should be' the same.
    It should also be said that the database is always a Work In Progress, meaning that it's always expanding and growing with user input.  That being said, if you can provide a bit more detail, maybe a MAC address that isn't registering properly, we can help you with that which would also help the community in the long run.
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    Thanks for your response. At the moment I am using the iOS app and I believe that due to Apple restrictions, it is not possible for full device identification as the MAC addresses are not read. I have also completed a scan using the desktop version on a iMac which recognises more devices and identifies more information on each of them. I don’t wish to keep using the desktop app however as the iMac is not going to remain in my possession for much longer. This means that I have to generate the network inventory via the iOS app only, as I don’t think I can refresh the database that was sourced from the desktop app via the iOS app.
    I wondered if using the Fingbox device in conjunction with the iOS app would provide me with a database that is as detailed as the desktop version.
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    Hi @Altered5tate
    The Fing network scanner sadly cannot show MAC addresses on iOS 11 and above. The reason for this is that Apple has blocked any app from accessing MAC addresses in the ARP table of the iPhone’s Operating System (iOS). Therefore, MAC addresses can no longer be captured during a network scan performed on an iPhone. 
    Even with Fingbox, Fing app can identify the MAC on best effort basis and thus we recommend users to use Fing desktop for device scanning as it has better visibility over MAC.
    For information can be found here: https://help.fing.com/knowledge-base/cant-fing-see-mac-addresses-ios-11/
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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