iOS devices running v14.0 keep getting discovered as new devices to network. Known problem??

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Anybody experienced this issue. Same on iPhone and iPad after upgrade to iOS V14


  • Marc
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    Hey @JKM, yes its a situation created by a new feature apple introduced with iOS 14.  They have implemented Private MAC addresses on their WiFi connections.  This means there is a unique virtual Mac assigned and advertised to each ssid you connect to.  The knock on affect to Fing is that your device now appears to be new, since Fing keys off the MAC address and that is now different. You have two choices...  Turn off MAC address virtualization on the apple device or re-enter whatever customized information you had for that device again.  The good news is that its should not change what it displays to the SSID connection again so you should only have to do this once.

    Keep in mind this is not a Fing issue as its always used the MAC address for a unique identifier.
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