Please send me a replacement Fing Box after mine caused disaster, and give me the premium services

To Whom it May Concern,

I have spent a great deal of time trying to locate a valid email address for your customer service staff. I not only work IT at my place of employmen, but I also monitor and built an impressive network at home.

First, I need to request that you replace a Fing Box that is not working up to par. Just a day ago, it failed to perform any of it’s stated functions and allowed a remote intruder into my network. All of my, and my family’s personal information has been scanned and is located on this network for convenience should the documents become necessary in the future. Now, thanks to this breach, that was clearly caused by some type of glitch in the Fing box and it’s interaction with your desktop app, I have had several instances of identity theft that is totaling about $50,000. I demand that you send me a new Fing box as I’m sure you have made appropriate upgrades since my purchase as I hold your hardware responsible for the lack of security of my most precious pieces of information.

Secondly, I demand that I receive the year of Premium Fing services that I paid for just yesterday. My bank has verified that without a doubt, your company has received the $50 but you conveniently list some “error” and keep me stuck in the “free zone”. You got the money, now please upgrade my service.

Due to the serious nature of the stealing of my sensitive information, I am prepared to share my horrendous story in any venue possible both online and in the media. Furthermore, I will report you to the BBB and absolutely every other entity that deals with company’s making false claims on the internet.

I have already begun to write these nasty reviews so please expedite the sending of a new Fing box and upgrade my account to Premium immediately as I have already paid in full. My email is [email protected]. I will refrain from doing my worst until close of business next Monday but after that I apologize but I can’t let you hurt anyone else…or steal their money like you have mine.


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    Hi @Sagi
    I have sent you a private message to address your query. If you have anything to add, please reply to the message directly. Thanks
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Seriously?  You're actually pointing the finger for your security breach at "some type of glitch in the Fing box and it’s interaction with your desktop app"???  If you were THAT concerned with your home network then you would have installed a professional grade firewall and not relied on a $99 novelty item.  No offense, Fing, but that's how I see your device.  You also claim to "work IT at my place of employmen", so let me ask you this.  Would your employer rely on a $99 Fingbox to protect their network?  Probably not.  You probably have a Sonicwall, Cisco, Ruckus or some other professional grade device in place.   And one other thing.  If, IF you were in IT, you would know that DEMANDING something be done and THREATENING to "post a bad review" is not the professional way if doing things.  

    And a whopping 30 second web search revealed Fing's support email address to be [email protected]

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    the way this guy writes reveals his way of thinking. A friend of mine's comment, who read his article, said it all: "flaming assh...!"
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    I dont know.. it scared me.. I might need someone to give me a hug after that... and a free year of premium service.


    Ps ive prewritten bad reviews just in case..

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    Hi guys,

    Just had to comment here.

    What am I missing? Is this not blatant blackmail and should just be passed onto the police?

    This idiot is basically saying if you do not give me things with a monetary value then I will spread malicious and damaging rumours about your product and your company. Pretty clear to me from this perspective and that is irrespective of whether he even had any sort of attack or not. It's one thing stating that things may have happened and asking for help and another blackmailing a company or person for anything with a monetary or similar value for personal gain.

    I would not entertain this behaviour in any way and just pass it onto the authorities and legal department. However you look at it, is blackmail!