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Forgive me for asking this, but I am showing that I share a number if channels with neiboring networks. I am in a total of 9 of them and share them with other networks. Is this normal? The one that I am currently connected to contains the device that hacks my network all the time. Should I be concerned that Domortz is now showing as my mac vendor on my fingbox? I don't use that feature...


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    Hi @Magoozle69
    Can you share the screenshot? To update, Domotz is sister company of Fing. 
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    Yes that's normal because almost all wifi manufacturers set their equipment to either channels 1, 6, and 11.  And then all your neighbors get wifi on the same channels.  So yes, you are getting some wifi interference from your neighbors.  What you need to do is determine what channels in your are are not being used and set your wifi equipment to one of those channels.  You should then see significant improvement in wifi signal and speed.