Please, How Can I Stop Someone Hacking my Mobile HotSpot?

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Please, help!!!

Fing helped me discover someone that hacked my mobile hotspots using a router and his mobile phone.

He established a network by changing his router MAC address to my mobile hotspots MAC address. I don't know how to block him.

Please, help me.


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    Hi @Muzik

    I am sorry to hear that you are facing issues with your device. Unfortunately, Fing App is not able to track any hacking activity nor it can identify and let you know about the location of those devices who are trying to get inside your network or devices.  

    The Fing app is a free Network Scanning app. It will allow you to make an inventory of all of the devices connected to the network your phone/tablet is currently connected to. Fing will give you a lot of information about these devices, including MAC and IP addresses as well as the brand of device. 

    There a few things that are best practices for a secure network.  
    1.  On a large number of routers, the Admin user ID and password are the default and right on the bottom of the router.  
    2. Some Guest & primary networks share the same password.  
    Every home grade router has these features. You can follow the below-mentioned steps for securing the network. 
    1.  Change the admin password to something with 11 characters or more. 11 characters as a base make it hard for password crack utilities to break.  Having more than 16 is even better.   
    2. Change the Guest network password or even turn it off when not in use.  
    If you want you can disconnect any device from the router settings by his device MAC address. You can refer to the router's manual or contact ISP to know how to do it. 

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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