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I have several family users set up with their devices assigned to then under "people". Now we have new security cameras etc I'd like to assign to user"HOME" but I can only see devices already registered to Users when I click on a person. How do I assign all my new unassigned devices -  Using Android App.

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    Hi @DownUnder , normally if you choose the device you want to assign in the device list, there is an option to assign it.  However, not all devices are assignable and I believe cameras fall into that bucket.
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    Thanks Marc, 
    Yes that seems to be my problem - its just the cameras and smart plugs I cant assign -  pity - I wish we could.
    Thank you for the info.
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    Thanks @Marc
    Here is the list of items which cant be added to users

    1. alarm 
    2. bell 
    3. cleaner 
    4. domotz_box 
    5. fingbox 
    6. fridge 
    7. garage 
    8. heating 
    9. humidity 
    10. key_lock 
    11. light 
    12. modem 
    13. motion_detector 
    14. power_system 
    15. sensor 
    16. smart_home 
    17. smart_meter 
    18. smart_plug 
    19. smoke 
    20. solar_panel 
    21. sprinkler 
    22. surveillance_camera 
    23. thermostat 
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    @DownUnder - I found a work-around.
    1. Edit the device and change it to something that IS assignable, like a mobile phone and save.
    2. Then assign it to the relevant user.
    3. Go back and edit the device again changing it to whatever the "unassignable" category was (eg, smart light etc) and save again. The reclassified device is now manageable under the "user" etc.
    FWIW, this is a really retrograde step. I have a few "users" who allow me to provide control of entire classes of devices, such as my "Entertainment" user who allows to block/manage all the smart TVs, streaming media boxes, Sonos etc. Similarly, I have a "security" and "smart home" user too. The inability to assign arbitrary devices to arbitrary users is a pointless exercise IMO; bring back the old behaviour! Are you listening, Fing??