Traceroute on Sprint network


Can you help me understand the attached?

I would really appreciate any insight.

Thank you!

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  • Fikus
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    Hello Marc and Lee_Bo,

    Thank you very much for your help!

    If there is nothing to worry about (having cellular Sprint and Spectrum WiFi network) ending up on Verizon’s network, than I have no reason to be worried.

    Thanks again!




  • Marc
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    @Fikus, if you're asking what trace route does, think of it as directions on how to go from where you are to your final destination.  In the above example, your route just ended up piggybacking on quite a number of routes and jump off points to finally get to destination  (nothing nefarious on the above example I can see)

    If this was not exactly what your asking please rephrase the questions and we'll do our best to answer.

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  • Lee_Bo
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    Like @Marc said, each IP address represents a physical device, starting from your computer and ending somewhere on Verizon's network.