How do I determine what the Generic devices are?

I have generic devices connected to my network. I tried the IP addresses for them but they only tell me the manufacturer. Is there another way to find out what these devices are?


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    Hi @Happy_Life63, there are a number of ways and searching through the threads should get you a number of hits.  Did you do a MAC address lookup on the web?  There are a few sites that can tell you the manufacturer and device but in many instances its not helpful as it only shows you the manufacturer of the networking chipset or NIC and not the actual device.  

    Next you can use your web browser to see if the device has a web page that exposes what it is.  Just do an http://xx.xx.xx.xx where the x’s are the IP address of the device.  A number of IOT devices and network equipment can be found out this way.

    Last resort...  Ping the device with the Fing mobile app and disconnect your devices one by one till it stops responding.  When that happens you’ve found out the device.

    There are a number of other things you can do, including using the Fing Desktop or a Fingbox that could give better results then the mobile app alone.  Hopefully others will chime in with their recommendations.  
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    Great info, @Marc.
    @Happy_Life63, do you have a Fingbox or are you only using the app?  A Fingbox will give you a whole lot more information on the devices connected to your network.  You can also set it up to automatically block new devices.  This is one of the BEST features of the Fingbox.  Even if someone connected to your wifi or connects a lan cable into your network, they still won't have network access until you device to give it to them or not.
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