Why Fingbox is flashing sometimes?

Sometimes my Fingbox is flashing. I don't know why.

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    @Jamselem, the Blue flashing LEDs indicate that a new device is detected on the network. To resolve this, open the Fing App to recognize or block the device/s.

    Source:  https://help.fing.com/knowledge-base/led-light-guide/
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    Properly, the blue "flash" as seen on the Fingbox should be termed "occulting" as the blue light is on most of the time with a double pulse of dimming every so often. Similarly the flashing red for no-network-connection is also Occulting. (Flashing would be the opposite: dim or off most of the time with periodic short brightenings or on periods.) Since there are two dimmings with a longer on period in between for the Fingbox New-device-detected pattern it should be "blue group occulting (2)"

    These are standard terms for patterns of brightness or on-times and should be used properly for the sake of avoiding ambiguous descriptions:

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