Unknown Cisco-li connecting through Ethernet

I have xfinity internet at my house and with it comes an app to monitor devices that connect to the gateway. At the beginning of July the app signed me out so I had to sign back in. Once I got back in the app I noticed a few devices connected to my gateway that I never once received an alert they connected. I had nothing connected to my gateway through Ethernet but the first unknown device that connected was a Cisco-li via Ethernet back in March of 2020. Then in July a cannon printer connected, 2 iPhone 6s, 3 computers, a PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and a Nintendo switch. None of these devices are mine and some are running off of Ethernet and some WiFi. I can’t get any IP address off the devices because the Cisco router is connected through Ethernet. I’ve contacted xfinity and they are worthless. I have noticed weird things happening like neighbors repeating things my wife and I say so they have to be hearing us through one of our devices. The neighbor I believe it is has asked to share my WiFi, says do you think your mom knows who’s doing it, and saying it’s a bad cop. What can I do to get this to stop?



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    I also have xfinity and I’m having incredibly similar issues to the ones you just mentioned... Two days prior I started noticing things were a little off and not functioning like they normally and then late last night I just got a plethora of different problems with our network back to back.. I’ve been pulling my hair trying to figure it out but nothing seems to remedy it.. I live in apartments and have never had a problem like this before  :s
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    I would highly recommend enabling the blocking of new devices.