Why is https://www.fing.com not responding?

I'm a network engineer so I know it's definitely not me; I wouldn't otherwise be able to post this: I can reach app.fing.com, help.fing.com, fing.io and everything else on the Internet but attempting to reach https://www.fing.com/ simply times out. Server overload?

The really weird thing is that https://www.fing.com/contact works just fine so it would appear to be a misconfigured homepage. I've tried both Chrome and Firefox with the same result.


  • pwmeek
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    As of 8:00 AM EDT I can reach https://www.fing.com/
    Using Chrome on a Mac
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  • Techsys
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    Apparently, it becomes unresponsive in the middle of the day so I presume it is server overload. It is also working for me at the moment.
  • Lee_Bo
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    11:58AM EST, working fine.