Fingbox been playing up due to usb socket loose

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Fingbox now dead after moving it due to rearrange replugged power and socket has fallen off internally.

Bad soldering to board.

Seen this quite alot on here but now its totally unpowerable.

This is a fing v1 from kickstarter.

Just checked, this is all over the community. Mine is most likely out of warranty, but I won't buy another, due to how this was built. I could understand if it was being plugged in and out time after time but this is just shoddy board soldering.

It should be replaced as this fault must be known by fing as a manufacturing defect.

Disappointed as i must have unplugged it 1 a year if that.


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    Hi @Johnjohn
    I have sent you a private mail to address your query. If you have further questions please reply to my message directly. Thanks
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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