The Fing list of connected devices - how does it work?

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I open the Fing app on my iPhone and view the list of connected devices.  In my case, I see 12 devices, most listed as "generic".  To identify each one I thought if I turn power "off" to a known device and rescan the Fing list I should only see 11 devices.  By a tedious process of elimination I assumed I would be able to identify every device.  BUT, even with a known device turned off and 3 rescans over a two minute period  Fing still places the device in the list.  It still shows 12 devices in the list.  So I'm wondering, does Fing "remember" every device that has been connected to my network?  Even devices that are turned off or that are far away from my location?

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    Hi SeaBreeeze,
    If a device goes offline or out of range and you refresh the network scan you will still see the device but marked as offline (in the list it will appear with some transparency to denote the fact that the device is not online anymore). If then you remove it from the list (swiping on iOS or long pressing on Android) you will remove it from the visualization (note that the device can connect back to the network and appear again on a future network scan).

    Also the reason why you are seeing lots of Generic devices may be because you are using the iOS version of the App, which has lots of limitations due to Apple not allowing apps to read MAC addresses. If you want a better device recognition you can try the Fing Desktop or the Android version of the Fing App.


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    Assuming you're only using the Fing app, then all you will see are "generic devices".  You'll need a Fingbox to actually identify.
    However, if you manually identify them, they should stay identified.
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    Yes, I am only using the Fing app.  How would you suggest I manually identify each device?  The only way I could think of was to take a screen shot of the list of devices, turn off a device, refresh the list then look at the list and see what generic device disappeared from the list by comparing the before and after lists.  But that doesn't work.  All the same devices appear in the lists even when one or more are turned off.  I'm out of ideas.
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    Hi @SeaBreeze1_
    You can manually identify the device on Fing app by clicking on the device and then you will find an option to identify the device with correct O.S and device manufacturer. Thanks
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    My apologies.  I seem to have confused the issue by citing an example.  So let me restate my question slightly differently.  Will a device in the list of connected devices disappear from the list if its power is turned off or if the device is moved beyond the range of the wifi signal?