How to block unknown Device on network?

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Hi i just wanted to ask on hownto block the unknow device that connected on my network. I can see the device information however there no option for me to be able to block it.

Thanks for the help .



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    Hi @Luffy

    Initially, I would like to confirm if you have a Fingbox or not. The Fing App is a free network scanning App. In order to block devices from joining a network, you will need a Fingbox. Fingbox is an external hardware that plugs into your router and gives you enhanced visibility, security and control over your network. To find out more:

    If you have a Fingbox, I would like to confirm if you are connected to the Fing App with the account on which the Fingbox is associated. You can verify this by going into the Fing App settings and checking the name of the Fingbox. Alternatively, if you see three tabs on the bottom of the main app display: 'Devices', 'Network', & 'People', this will indicate that your Fing App is associated with a Fingbox. If it is the correct account and you can see your Fingbox, then please follow these links for articles relating to device blocking:

    · Device blocking:

    · Internet Pause:

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    Automatically block new devices should be on by default.  Just my $0.02.
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    So I need a flingbox to block devices?? If so I guess I may as well un install

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    @Redutedog61 yes you do need a fingbox to block devices, you can’t do it with just an app. Traditional software firewalls allow limited facilities to block incoming traffic (& outgoing) from the internet but not the level of device blocking and network data detail that the fingbox offers.
    Device blocking will require some type of hardware device in your network.