Getting unnecessary notifications and they are in Spanish.

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I'm getting notifications on my phone for outages with Comcast.  I'm not having any outages.  Issue is that the notifications are in spanish!   I can't get them to stop unless I stop all notifications.  My phone and computer both have english as the primary language. 

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    @MarkS, try this... From @Robin from this link.

    in order to change the language for the Fing App, you need to change the language settings on your phone and make your desired language as a priority. Once the language on phone is changed, the Fing App will be adapted according to it automatically.

    We have recently introduced new settings for our Web App whereby you can select the language preference for notifications received. To do this, please go the web application of Fing i.e. .

    From there, please follow the steps below: 

    · Login to your Fing account with the registered e-mail address.

    · Click on the ‘Avatar’ and then choose ‘Settings’.

    · From the drop-down list of languages, select your desired language and click ‘Save Settings’.

    · Logout from your Mobile Application and then log back in again.

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    Thank you.  The language was "espanol".  Why - I don't know.  But likely the culprit.