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"See Full Report", "WiFi Scan", "Notifications", and "Community" are no longer working/loading for my desktop client - among other features. Essentially, the app loads but only displays whitespace. I have a Fing Premium account, I am on MacOS X Catalina, and I'm running Fing Desktop 2.1.0. These issues started after my last Fing Desktop update. I have tried reinstalling Version 2.1.0, but have had no luck resolving the issue. Is is possible I need to whitelist new Fing related addresses for the firewall? Thanks in advance! : )


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    Resolved - I realized that I had somehow revoked permissions for the application in MacOS X. If this happens to you, you can remedy this in System Preferences > Security and Privacy. Be sure to have Fing Desktop turned on (check off the box) in the "Full Disk Access" and "Files and Folders" sections. Still not sure how this was changed (or unchecked), but this has resolved the problem.
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