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Was considering purchasing the Fing at the yearly rate. Was wondering if there was any limitations on # of devices
I could use premium on.  I use it on iPhone, iPad, Android phone, multiple Win 10 laptops and multiple MacOS platforms currently.  

Also was wondering if anyone approached Fing on offering a multi-year discount at maybe a slightly better discount than the the yearly rate. I would jump at that because I'm getting to the point of hating to mange all the software on my machines and prefer the multiple-year discounts if offered.

Some vendors tend to offer discounts at certain times of year and I am able to extend my subscriptions whenever I see a discount if they allow a extension to current subscription and add up the residual left on my current subscription and add the 1 year to it upon adding the new key.


  • Marc
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    @rickapel, the multi year is an interesting idea. @Ciaran, what does Fing Think?
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    Hi @Marc @rickapel
    I can only answer the first query which I know the answer to. There is no limitation to the number of devices you install the Fing desktop premium. For other request/query, I am sure I and @Ciaran can this as a suggestion to pass it to the developers for consideration.

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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