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Small request, that possibly could be easy to implement; Fing Box periodically scans network for open port and sends alert for new discovered open ports. Unfortunatelly it is not working perfectly (at least for me);
- I get alerts for already acknowledged in the past ports
- we have no knowlegde of custom open ports within application (description anly available for well known ports)
So could we have implemented in application functionality to permanently acknowlegde and give the description to ports that we (I mean users) are sure that should stay open and for what reason? I have lots of custom systems running in my home network that uses custom open ports and I know that these should be opened. In such case alerts serve no purpose, only require some intervention to cancell them. 
I was thinking about similar setup to what we have in devices list in web interface; list of knmown open ports that we can click on and disable notification for this port and give custom description (perhaps even with some icon).
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  • Pooh
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    Mirekmal said:
    I get alerts for already acknowledged in the past ports
    @Robin - this sounds like it's a bug. Your thoughts?
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  • Robin_from_Fing
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    Hi @Pooh and @Mirekmal

    For open ports, Fing remote port scan performs a check on all available 65k ports. Even though it lasts approx. 2 minutes and When an application is using some service, it makes use of some ports and then after using it, that port becomes free. Once the port is not in use, the Fing App will let you know that the port is open and none of the applications is using it, thus telling you to close it. If in that timeframe the port is being used again then becomes free(in case application is not in use or device is sleeping) then Fing will alert you again for the same port. 

    Also, you can edit and delete the ports that you don't want to get alerts for in the Fing App. You need to go to Fing App settings and look for 'Edit TCP Services' and then long-press on the port number to delete the port you don't want any alert for.

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  • Mirekmal
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    @Robin, thanks for explanations! This makes much more clear why app behaves as it is... 
    I'm a bit confused though with process ports configuration... I can understand that this is the place to update/change known ports (for example 8123 is defined as polipo web proxy, while for me it is used to access home assistant UI), so I'd be happy to update it to know what it is used for, but then deleting it from the list, so it is not scanned? It is contradictory to what you mentioned that all 65k ports are scanned? What would be point of scanning and not sending notification if unwillingly opened? Something wrong with this logic... I'd like to:
    - have all 65k ports being scanned and be notified if any is opened for the first time
    - optionally mark this is port for not receiving notification in the future and eventually change its description if it is used in non standard way or is not on the list of well known ports.
  • VioletChepil
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    Just turning this one into an ideas thread so others can vote. Cast your vote if you'd like to see implemented too.

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