Fingbox missing from Fing App

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This is both Fing app and fingbox related so hopefully it works here.

At the top of my Fing app where the fingbox is normally located, I've got nothing but blank space.

It's happening on both wifi and cellular data.

The view and change buttons do not work.

I'm using the latest update of the Fing app on Android 10.

On the remote network I can see fingbox is connected. I'm checking it with a webcam and I can see link lights and traffic to and from it. It's not blinking any warnings. Everything appears like it's online from that end. It's showing 258 B/s which seems kind of low.

Any ideas?


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    The issue was related to a bug we discovered and fixed for Fing 9.1.2 for Android which is being rolled out this week.  ;)


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    @ProTecK, did you try logging out of and back into the app?
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  • ProTecKProTecK Member Posts: 52
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    @Marc probably not. I did force close and reopen it. I did remove it and reinstall it. It's actually working now, this had happened in the past and always came back on it's own. This time it was disconnected for a couple days. I've got something turning off my speakerphone, probably some app I haven't tracked down yet, I guess it's possible it's causing other app to do unwanted stuff too.

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