How can I reset the Fing Desktop database?

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I recently changed the subnet number for my home network.  Fing has not worked properly since.  I've tried deleting old addresses/device but they don't go away.  I just want to restart and rediscover all over again.  I don't care about the history.


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    When you say you changed the subnet number, do you mean than you replaced one subnet with another - 192.168.100.x becomes 192.168.200.x? If so, as I understand it, Fing treats this like a new network so that you need to disconnect the Fingbox from the old subnet and then run through the activation process with the new subnet.
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    yes.  But I was asking about Fing Desktop.  I didn't think Desktop paid attention to Fingbox.
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    Hi @BobM
    You just need to delete the network identified by Fing desktop either from the web app or from mobile app and it will clear everything. I hope it helps.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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