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Sorry for ignorance
but what does a question mark mean in a yellow field in the list of devices; see screen shot.

Thanks in advance for your answers.


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    Thanks for the post @Carlo
    I am sure @Marc will be able to guide you clearly on this one. Thanks :smile:

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    @Carlo, this is a stealthy little addition to the desktop that Fing just introduced.  Let me give you a quote from an unnamed Fing expert...   ;)

    ” The (?) icon is the new addition to Fing desktop for added security. It is to identify any intruder and acknowledge if the device is known or not. You can check the release notes for this addition on Fing desktop by clicking on the Fing desktop version. If you recognize a device and if you click "Confirm its yours" then Fing desktop will remember that for next time. Whenever a new device will connect to the network, it will display a ? icon next to it.“

    Its actually a pretty cool feature.  if you click through to the device, you will now see a selection to acknowledge the device..  Think of it this way, once you ack your known devices, this will highlight anything new to your system so you have the knowledge to take the appropriate action to either investigate and properly tag it or take steps to remove it from you network.

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  • CarloCarlo Member, Beta Tester Posts: 21
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    Hi Marc
    Thanks a lot for the very fast response.
    I provide to census my devices on time.

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