How can you add custom locations in the Placement List for your network.

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My wife and I both work from home full time and as such we have multiple offices in our home and dedicated locations for shared IT resources ie: Networked Printers, Routers, Scanners, etc.
It would be a lot more useful to be able to add custom locations to the Placement list so we can accurately indicate the location of a device without having to put it in a note.
And I searched but could not find anything regarding such, but I am sure that someone will quickly point out wher this has been documented ad nauseum.
Tom B
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    Hi @tombenson
    Are you referring the placement option on Fing app or Fing desktop? If you are referring to fing desktop then it can definitely be taken as a suggestion as this has not yet been implemented yet on Fing desktop. Thanks
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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  • tombenson
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    Yes please, I am referring to the Fing Desktop for OSX. Thanks.T
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    I upvoted as I have a 4 bedroom house and would like to be able to separate Master Bedroom from the children's bedrooms. Same for closets as our main router is in one of the non-Master Bedroom closets.
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    Seem to be several threads requesting additional rooms or editable rooms in the placement field in the description.
    Going back as far as at least 2020 it has been noted as a problem and would be referred to the development team.

    Any update on the status of this issue?
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    I am referring to the desktop version for windows specifically