How can you add custom locations in the Placement List for your network.

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My wife and I both work from home full time and as such we have multiple offices in our home and dedicated locations for shared IT resources ie: Networked Printers, Routers, Scanners, etc.
It would be a lot more useful to be able to add custom locations to the Placement list so we can accurately indicate the location of a device without having to put it in a note.
And I searched but could not find anything regarding such, but I am sure that someone will quickly point out wher this has been documented ad nauseum.
Tom B
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    Hi @tombenson
    Are you referring the placement option on Fing app or Fing desktop? If you are referring to fing desktop then it can definitely be taken as a suggestion as this has not yet been implemented yet on Fing desktop. Thanks
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Yes please, I am referring to the Fing Desktop for OSX. Thanks.T
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    I upvoted as I have a 4 bedroom house and would like to be able to separate Master Bedroom from the children's bedrooms. Same for closets as our main router is in one of the non-Master Bedroom closets.