Is there a customer support email?

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I was hacked and someone got into my Fing account and maybe erased all the network history. I pulled up one account, but there are no networks.   I am trying to see if my account could be under other email address (es) -- is there a support email?


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    @Dms, this is the best place to contact them. I’m tagging @Robin and @Ciaran for help with your situation.  Also moved this to the fing specific thread for greater visibility.
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    Hi @dms, initially, only one account can be associated with an email address. Email addresses associated with a Fing account cannot be changed to another email address. So no, your account is not under another email address. Only people with the Fing acocunt password can access a Fing account. If you suspect somebody has managed to gain access to your account by using your password, I would sugest changing your Fing Account password. You can reset your password from here: I can see that there is a Fing account associated with email address used for your Fing Community account. 
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